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I’m Lisa.  I am a recent retiree whose passion is traveling.

I get my wanderlust from my Dad. He loved exploring new places. He and Mom took my sisters and me to all 50 states on summer vacations. We visited 49 by station wagon, pulling a small trailer and setting up a tent. We visited most of our National Parks, historical monuments, and interesting tourist attractions on our long road trips. I loved those great vacations.   

Years later, after four years of serving in the US Army in South Carolina, Alabama and Texas, I lived in West Germany for almost 3 years as an Army spouse. We had the opportunity to visit so many great cities all over Germany. I loved the amazing castles and historic cities.

We also visited the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and the United Kingdom. We were able to visit Berlin, taking the Freedom Train from Frankfurt to East Germany. We got to visit Checkpoint Charlie and see East Berlin.   

Since returning to the states, I’ve spent 30 years working in IT. It was a good job, interesting and challenging and I had the opportunity to work with great people. But, more importantly, I earned some decent vacation time and saved my money to continue my travels. I didn’t take my daughter to all 50 states, but we did visit about 36 together, and I took her to all seven continents.  

I’ve been to about 60+ countries and hope to hit 100 before I die, so I can join the Century Club. Besides traveling with my wonderful daughter, Alex, I have a great friend from work, Kelly, who I’ve been traveling with since my daughter went off to college. She likes museums, strange cities, good food and beer, and is a perfect travel companion, just like Alex. The three of us have done a few trips together, Peru in 2008, Vietnam and Cambodia in 2011, and Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe in 2015.

My beautiful and amazing daughter is now married and doing her own traveling. We visited a lot of our National Parks together but Alex and her husband are spending a year (or more) to visit all 50 states and 59 National Parks. You can follow her travels at  Not So Junior Ranger. She’s working on earning all her Junior Ranger badges.

Join me, and my dog Boo, as I explore more of the country and the world. Sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with a friend, join me as I explore.